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- will help you find exactly what you want to buy.
From professionals or regular consumers. -

A Buyer can be an individual consumer, a professional or business that has a desire and need to purchase a specific good or service. If you need specific needs such as a good or service, whether it is long-term or just a simple purchase project, you will find the help you need here at the prices you want to pay. No matter how big or small your budget. Many sellers will compete for your business at


  • Save time an money! Get an honest and competent seller quickly and easily.
  • If you have need for a good or service and want it now, but dont want to pay high retail prices, you can open your own project, describing exactly what you want, your budget and duration and negotiate via private messages. It is that simple.
  • If you place(post) your project here, you decide the range of your budget, and the seller(s) reply by placing a bid, compteting for your business. (reducing your cost).
  • You pick/choose the seller yourself. Who you think is most qualified with the best produce/service and at the lowest price.
  • You don't have to meet your seller face to face to finish the project, or you may want to meet your seller. It is up to you.
  • Pay the Seller after you both negotiate and reach a mutual agreement on how and when to pay.
  • Again, you decide the price, duration, and ultimately the seller you want! Buy locally or nationally. Use our ZIP CODE SEARCH to find Sellers in your area. What are you waiting for? Register now as Buyer.


  1. Register for a Buyer account.
  2. Post a project (describe exactly what you want in detail).
  3. When you create a project, you can choose these options:
    - Projects category We have many categories. (Seller expertise), ex. Real Estate, Medical, Electronics, computers, Home?Garden, Legal, Clothes, Furniture, Graphic Design, Multimedia, and much, much more.
    - Whether you want to meet the Seller face to face or not (by phone, e-mail, mesengger, etc.) for the project.
    - Minimum experience that Seller must have for the project.
    - Decide the project deadline for Seller.
    - Upload your files to make an additional information about your project.
    - Descripe your projects in exact detail, so that Seller can understand exactly what you want to buy.
    - Whether you want to add Feature Project on your project or not. Click here to find out what is Featured Projects are.
  4. After you created the project successfully. The Seller(s) will view your project and place a bid (their fee/charge to sell you the good/service you want. Sellers will compete to be the lowest price possible to get your business.
  5. Basically, Seller's will reply and provide you with their best deal.
  6. You're not allowed to post your contact info on your project description, you can use the internal Message Board to communicate with Sellers (This Message Board can be used to send private messages and negotiate the deal).
  7. You can see the Sellers experience, portfolios, reviews, ratings, and comments. Then you can select a Seller that you think will provide you with the best overall deal.
  8. At, there are no commission fees for the Buyer Account, except for "Featured Project".
  9. After you select the Seller and the Seller accepts to sell you the good/service, then the project is closed and you'll both recieve contact information to conclude the sale.
  10. Before the Seller starts to work on your project, you should discussed with the Seller via private messages about how you want to pay. (cash/money order, credit card, etc.) There are several payment methods you can chose to pay the Seller, there are :
    - Via "transfer money". You can do "transfer money" from your account management area, the money from your account will be transferred to the Seller account at that time.
    - You can pay the Seller directly (outside
    - Escrow Payments. We are strongly recommend you to use this payment system, because this payment system will give more "secure" for both of Buyer and Seller. You can find more information about Escrow Payment on these link.
  11. Before you open a project, the seller will be notified to follow our project guidelines to make a successfull project at

That's it! Your project is then closed, you are put in contact with the seller, you can leave a review(feedback), and pay them when you are ready to pay. At, there are no commission fees retracted from the Buyer Account, except for "Featured Project".

It's like getting an estimate from dozens of qualified professionals, consumers and then choosing the one you like best. You save time because you don't need to shop around, and you save money because Sellers are competing for your business! is the best choice for thousands of buyers and sellers, professional and novice when it comes to buying goods and services.


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